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7 tips for delegating your social media campaign

by on June 11, 2013

Delegating effectively concept in word tag cloudArticle written by: Craig Robinson works as Editor for Qwaya. This tool helps you as a marketer with all your Facebook campaigns. Besides writing for Qwaya, Craig takes part in watching and following trends within Social Media and social context.

As a business looking to take the leap to social media, there’s a lot you have to consider before you get started. First and foremost, you have to find someone to actually handle the social media tasks for your business, or to at least help you with it. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done to maintain a brand and to target a market here. It’s certainly not a one person job for the majority of businesses out there, and it’s not exactly something that can be done properly without planning.

You may need different people for many different positions; however, then again, you don’t want to have too many people adding too much diversity to a brand image that should be coherent. It’s all about a happy medium; it’s all about finding the right people to handle the social media for your company.

Different Points to Consider when Delegating Social Media

1: Keep Things In-House

Social media isn’t only about marketing in a traditional sense. It’s also about constantly working with the brand; not only when it’s tied to a  specific marketing campaign. In consequence, it’s important that you delegate your social media to people intimately familiar with your company. Keeping your fan base interested while promoting your Facebook page and other social media pages is important, and only people intimately associated with your brand truly know how to deliver your message. So make sure you start and keep the search in-house.

2: Look for the Aptitude

You want people who have an aptitude for marketing, and you might find them in strange places. You never know who truly has a knack for creating entertaining posts or who has the Midas touch with disgruntled customers. It’s up to you to seek out people to fill specific roles, and you should be willing to look past things like experience. Social media is something still relatively new, so a great member of your social team doesn’t necessarily need an ivy league piece of paper.

3: Find Contributing Members

Using the above tip and finding who has the aptitude for any particular role is important, but your company may already have different departments working you can use. For instance, you can delegate social advertising to your ad people, while handing your online customer service over to your customer service department. Basically, you can just create extensions based on what people already do for your company. That being said, you still have to identify the individuals who handle social media the best.

4: Discuss it as a Company

Discussing going the social media route with your company beforehand is crucial to your success. Not only are you looking to find interested, qualified people, but this is also the start of the planning process. This is where you begin to discuss your approach and your brand image, deciding what type of company you want to be. You will find the innovative and eager people by discussing things as a whole within your company.

5: Separate Your Tasks

“Social media” isn’t just a single thing. It’s an amalgamation of different duties, such as marketing, handling customer service, running promotions, keeping up with content, watching competitors, separating base members into segments, and on and on. Remember to separate main categories instead of lumping everything in together.

6: Have a Central Hub for Data

Monitoring your different social networking sites may seem easy on its face, but you’re dealing with multiple promotions, multiple ads and campaigns, different types of markets for each product, and a never-ending stream of data. Not to even mention the separate categories and separate people you have working. You need a central hub for this variety of data. Look into a system like HootSuite or something similar to help you keep your data organized.

7: Speak with the Same Voice

Before you start figuring out how to get a Facebook fan base or how to get more people to opt-in with a promotion, you first have to figure out your brand image and the tone you’re going to take. It has to be consistent not only among your different social sites, but also among your employees and different people in charge of different aspects of your social media. A brand needs a congruent voice, so work this out before creating a social presence.

There is no right or wrong answer one could write down when it comes to whom your social media will be delegated. It’s a process you must go through; a process which will reveal those individuals who fit best in the specified spots. And it all starts with looking in-house and gauging interest.

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