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4 rules for “thinking big” when creating a mobile experience

by on May 28, 2013

In the digital age, a brand’s marketing strategy cannot be separated from the tools they use to communicate with their consumers.  These tools are social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, as well as their branded mobile app.  When designing marketing campaigns, brands need to think about how this digital medium shapes the way they communicate.  Two-way conversations between brands and consumers are becoming increasingly more important than top-down conversations from brands.

Instead, brands need to think holistically about how their app opens up new ways to communicate with their customers. Here are the top four rules when creating a mobile experience:

1. Create meaningful experiences

Have you ever used an app that has a sleek, delightful user experience?  How has that experience affected how you feel about the brand that created that app?  Simply making an app usable isn’t enough; it’s a basic requirement for a compelling user experience.  Instead, brands need to think about the bigger picture and how this digital experience will change how their users feel about them.

2. Show the features benefits

Your users want to know whey they need to use their app, not what the brand gets out of their fans engaging with their product.  What does the product enable them to do?  Does your app have an interactive element that’s fun for users to engage with or interesting content that they might want to share?  Understand the primary reason that your audience wants to engage with and craft experiences to maximize user engagement and interest.

3.  Give them a reason to engage

As with other social media channels, brands cannot force people to use their app.  In fact, even encouraging them to use to app and share content may be detrimental to engagement.  The mobile experience has to be something that your users enjoy using, sharing with friends, and, most importantly, returning to.

4.  Focus on goals not numbers

Before designing your digital campaign, think about what you want the end goal of the product to be.  Do you want to get feedback from a core group of fans? Increase engagement through mobile by targeting a larger audience segment? Or, maybe you want to entertain your customers through interactive digital experiences that are designed to build engagement and long-term loyalty.  Most brands focus on metrics before they think about qualitative measurements like customer loyalty and engagement.

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